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Prof. Reinhold Sanger

Prof. Reinhold Sanger is a preeminent scholar and educator at a major research university. His work is distinguished by both its breadth and by his frequent collaboration with other researchers and authors from a range of fields and backgrounds. The bulk of his writings have been collected into a series of textbooks that are no longer in print, but are readily available at better libraries and archives throughout the known world.

After a prolonged sabbatical, Prof. Sanger has returned to the University, and is reportedly preparing an astonishing body of research for publication. The subject matter of this research is not known, even to his superiors.


Out Of Character Information

The player behind Prof. Reinhold Sanger is Dave Provost, known as Rock Steady on MetaFilter. He's a Purchasing Manager for a veterinary teaching hospital in Raleigh, NC and is generally a pretty cool guy.

Photo Credit

Character portrait courtesy of Municipal Archives of Trondheim