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Malus Malus (alternatively spelled Maluus Malus, though this may just be a typographical error) is the putative author of the mysterious novel, Load of Bollocks.

Load of Bollocks[edit]

The popular and critically acclaimed novel Load of Bollocks appeared on or about Darjeeling 25, 55 AK. Copies of it (along with appropriate electronic bibliographical and/or inventory database entries) were found on that day in libraries, bookstores, private book collections, cafés, laundromats and other likely places across the globe. It has never been determined if the appearance of the book was a massive prank or a genuine anachronism, but the sheer magnitude of such an undertaking suggests that it is unlikely to be a prank.

The Author[edit]

The only information known about the author is what is given in the brief "About the Author" segment of the book, which is reproduced in its entirety here:

Malus Malus is the author of several books, including The Rhino's Lament, Smazz!, and Toward a New Time: A Biography of the Drooly Brothers. Before turning his hand to writing, Maluus was a prominent dental hygenist in Ulm, and is currently married to two of his ex-wives, both called Rebecca.

Literary Analysis[edit]

The primary scholarly work regarding Load of Bollocks and Malus Malus is Where The Fuck Did That Come From: An Analysis of "Load of Bollocks" and the Circumstances Surrounding its Appearance by Dr. Meatus (resplendent) DDS. Other critics have noticed a significant amount of similarity between Load of Bollocks and an early work by Dr. Meatus entitled Gobshite and published under the name Meatus Resplendent.