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Also known as "The Watchmaker's Lament" or the "Spent Universe Model", Degeneration Theory holds that the Excessions (and related microexcessions) are a natural phenomenon due to the "winding down" of time, causality, and logic. Like an analog clock that has not been wound in some time, proponents of Degeneration Theory say, our observable Universe is failing to adequately measure time and its effects.

First developed in 19 AK by Eustace Jenkins and Dr. Mycinea Coba while the two were still Apprentice Scholars at the Polished Mirror Institute, the Degeneration Theory offered a relatively simplistic view of both the proximate and indirect results of The Event, and provided a smattering of evidence to support a claim that the Excessions were an unavoidable and natural phenomenon. As further research and evidence cast doubts on the validity of the theory, the two authors suffered a significant falling out, with Ms. Jenkins turning her attentions towards her Ghost Partners and her artwork. Her magnum opus, Echs Ess Yun, was briefly considered a "proof" of Degeneration Theory, though it was later determined that this proof was only applicable within the Cerulean Dimension, and did not shed significant light on what occurred in the Greater Dimensions.

For many years following their split, Dr. Coba was out of the public eye, and did not publish again until 189 AK, when e burst back on the academic scene with the self-publication of Indigo Theory. It is not clear how e has had such a long lifespan, and the typically forthright Dr. Coba uncharacteristically refuses to answer questions about eir age.