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The Flamboyant Gentleman Situation is the common term for the initial apprehension and subsequent interrogation of an alleged time traveller.


A strangely dressed man, known only as the Flamboyant Gentleman has appeared in the vicinity of Denver Starport (formerly Denver International Airport) for approximately 2 hours and 48 minutes every 183 days since at least 1876 BK. The first recorded observance of the Flamboyant Gentleman comes from a Denver Police Log dated August 15th, 1876. The officer on duty took a report from a ranch hand who saw a "flamboyant gentleman, all in fancy dress, like for a maskerade[sic]” as he was chasing down a maverick calf about 20 miles northeast of town. The man ducked behind some scrub brush, and when the hand went to investigate, the man was gone. Other reports of the Gentleman are sparse (though a few potential sightings have been noted) until the 50s AK, when a group of Starport employees calling themselves The Friends of the Flamboyant Gentleman began to anticipate and celebrate his semi-annual appearance.

Flamboyant Gentleman Situation[edit]

Apprehended by CTPS shortly after his arrival in the year 63 AK and whisked to a special interrogation room, the Gentleman allegedly revealed that his return each year is not voluntary, and is due to an accident he suffered while operating a Baudolino-enhanced Asynchonous Chronosynchronometer in the year 416 AK. Evidence obtained from his person appears to support this claim, according to CTPS records. Apparently, becoming stuck in an involuntary periodic time travel loop (called a Vonnegut Cycle) is a rare but well-known side effect of using that sort of device. Shortly afterwards, one wing of the airport was sealed to the public, and the Flamboyant Gentleman has not been seen since. Rumors emerged that he is now working with the CTPS during his annual visits.

The Great Loop[edit]

A persistent and widespread rumor about his contact with the CTPS concerns the Great Loop. Supposedly a device or weapon was triggered in 1276 AK, near the end of the Second American War of Robotic Independence, that caused every living creature on Earth to “loop back” to the instant of The Event, and that the temporal and physical anomalies that have ravaged the Earth since then are the result of our living through that time stream twice and somehow weakening the timespace continuum.