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Land-Kentucky refers to the earthbound area formerly known as Kentucky. For Sky-Kentucky, see Sky-Kentucky.

Land-Kentucky is the retronym coined to refer to the earthbound portion of the Greater North American Co-Prosperity Sphere formerly known simply as Kentucky. At some point during the Quaternary Excession, a near-exact[1] duplicate of the landform occupied by the Commonwealth of Kentucky was created in geosynchronous orbit approximately 4,148 feet above sea level. The lower surface of this duplicate, now called Sky-Kentucky, is a smooth black stone, marred only by the now infamous words "Once More With Feeling".

The existence of Sky-Kentucky has devastated the climate of Land-Kentucky, and it has quickly become a dark, barren wasteland. The vast majority of it's residents quickly moved to colonize Sky-Kentucky, building a series of bridges and elevators to more easily access "The Floating Commonwealth".


  1. A small portion of Virginia is included, for unknown reasons.