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Some well-known examples of the popular comic strip JX11 – 24 and Manperson

JX11 – 24 and Manperson (often abbreviated to JX11) is an incredibly popular daily newspaper comic strip.

Publication History[edit]

Created by notable COMA member and Deathbot sympathizer Volando Rambangular, JX11 began its publication history in the New Tampa Herald, shifted to the New New York New Times after the cancellation of the Herald, and eventually became the flagship property of the Nostalgia Gazette, a physically printed newspaper aimed at the elderly and fishwrap markets. Over the years, numerous guest artists have assisted Rambangular with the strip for varying periods of time. This is responsible for the wide range of artistic style that JX11 strips can have.

Related Publications[edit]

The unexpected success of the strip combined with its challenging political stance has led to numerous spin-off, satire and response comics, including adventure strip JX11 – 24 In Action, the children’s comic Childperson’s World, the graphic novel Manp, and satire such as JK69 – 00 and Henderson and Lord Thomas Humanity and His Humble Robot Servants.

In Other Media[edit]

JX11 itself has attempted to branch out into other forms of entertainment several times. The blockbuster holofilm confusingly entitled JX11 The Movie: The Movie of JX11 – 24 and Manperson was a massive flop, but the live-action holovision program has been a modest success, and plushies of JX11, Manperson, Womanperson, Spidra the Murder Spider, and Arlene sell in significant numbers. The JX11 - 24 Halloween costume was taken off the market following a series of violent mistaken identity incidents.