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An Emotionally Transmitted Disease (ETD) is any illness that has emotion as a component of its disease process. Some ETDs only include an emotional component in the transmission of the disease, such as Sad Coughing (a simple respiratory infection that merely requires both hosts to feel at least slightly sad before it is transmitted) while others also deeply affect the emotional state of the infected host, such as Ramsay’s Syndrome.

Some ETDs were well-known ailments long before their emotional components were identified, including Toxoplasmosis, Schizophrenia, Herpes simplex and Migraine Headache. Today, proper Corrective Emotional Therapy (including the careful use of Positronic Emotion Generators) has largely eliminated these relatively simple ETDs.

The first ETD to be discovered and identified was Carla’s Gift, which was first studied in 2083 BK, followed shortly by the Demiurge Plague, which was technically identified in a 2089 publication[1], but was clearly rampant before the Secondary Excession. Other modern ETDs include Empathitis, Herpes aphrodites, The Fear, The Feels, and BPS (Broken Person Syndrome) -- though this last one is disputed.[2] Consumerism is often considered an ETD by laypersons, but it does not technically appear to have a true emotional component.


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  2. The author would appreciate it if whosoever is repeatedly attempting to remove BPS from this article would kindly desist. I have marked it as disputed, but current research suggests a strong emotional component in transmission and it clearly has emotional effects.