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Indigo Theory Cover
First published in 189AK, Indigo Theory by Dr. Mycinea Coba introduced the theory that the Excessions are in fact a direct result of an interdimensional rift that has caused devastating incursions from the Cerulean Dimension (and other lesser dimensions) into our own (so-called) Spacetime Dimension.

Working closely with archaeologists studying the Cincinnati Experiment, Dr. Coba came to believe that the device did significant to what e calls the Relativistic Underlayment of the universe. This damage is what has allowed the new dimensions to become visible, and according to the key revelation of Indigo Theory, it is what allows physical access to and from these new dimensions in very specific instances.

Dr. Coba claims that the best proof of eir claims is e eirself. E states that in 33 AK, e was able to physically enter the Cerulean Dimension with the careful use of a unnamed abuti, and lived there quite comfortably until 176 AK as a semi-professional kramptangler. E refuses to discuss the circumstances surrounding eir return to our dimension.