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The Clock Tower Preservation Society (CTPS, or informally “the Clockers”) is an international Non-Governmental Organization that is tasked with “detecting, investigating, and punishing criminal activity that utilizes or involves temporal irregularity or manipulation.”[1] Despite originating as an informal building maintenance organization, the CTPS is now considered one of the world’s most effective and efficient police forces. In addition to the garden-variety crime they prosecute, the paramilitary wing of the CTPS -- Clock Force One -- is almost constantly engaged in battles with murder spiders and other interlopers from the lesser spatial dimensions.

It is rumored that the vast amounts of capital needed to transform the CTPS from a volunteer charity group into an international police force came from Alberta Frankenmuth, CEO of the Gilead Federated Solutions Corporation, though records from the pre-Charter days of the Clockers are spotty, and no formal proof has ever emerged.

The "Twenty Bucks" logo of the Supranormal Activity Investigation Team
The elite cadre of the CTPS, the Supranormal Activity Investigation Team (SAIT, also called “the Twenty Bucks” for the deer that adorn their logo) are the primary agency investigating the causes and effects of the Excessions. Led by Inspector-Lieutenant Amily Frankenmuth, the SAIT is reported to be making significant progress into determining who or what may be responsible for the Event.
“Despite interference from many multi-national corporations and several national governments, in the upcoming weeks and months, the CTPS and the SAIT will be announcing a series of arrests and police actions that are designed to bring to justice the actors behind the events that have so profoundly shaken the foundations of our very world. We have left no stone unturned in our quest, and though some will be shocked by the discoveries we have made, Chief Inspector-General Ramsblood and I are confident that the evidence we will present is unassailable.”[2]


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