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Gewgaw Arsenal[edit]

The Gewgaw Arsenal is a general term for the world’s collection of artifacts, devices and objects that appear to be linked in some fashion to each other and to Atherton’s Puzzle. Many of them were created during the Demiurge Plague, but a few are known to have appeared long before or after that period.

The Arsenal is generally broken down into three categories of devices: Core Gewgaws, Major Gewgaws, and Minor Gewgaws. There are only four universally-recognized Core Gewgaws and a dozen or Major Gewgaws, but there are thousands of Minor Gewgaws. Scholars and Zebanites often dispute the categorization of some items in the Gewgaw Arsenal, but the following list represents the greatest consensus of each class.

Core Gewgaws[edit]

Atherton’s Gate
The well-known garden gate at Zebediah Atherton’s home is considered a major key to Atherton’s Puzzle.
The well-known Abuti.
The Mechanical Zeb
A primitive clockwork version of Zebediah Atherton himself. Currently maintained at Zebanite University.
The Rathaus-Glockenspiel of Munich
Though built many hundreds of years before Atherton’s Puzzle, there are a number of clues that identify this clock as a Gewgaw.

Major Gewgaws[edit]

The abuti recently discovered under New New York.
The Penduluum of Cairo
Includes intricately carved bob and unique anchor escapement.
A cutaway view of one of Rankel's Hinges
Rankel’s Hinges
Allow movement in 3-5 dimensions.
Sagittarian Spire
The obsidian needle at the point of the spire always points towards Zeta Sagittarii.
The older one.
The Timeputer
Since the death of its creator, no one has been able to log in.
The Thousand Gears
There are really only 896.
The Underwinder
Missing and believed stolen in 177 AK.
The Urushangi Verge and Foliot
Created by a little known African tribe.

Minor Gewgaws[edit]

Atherton’s Screwdriver
The flathead one.
The Black Stone
May not actually be stone.
Bogrom’s Key
Will not be easily accessible until after Ms. Bogrom's death, for obvious reasons.
The Fluted Pin
The Smooth Pin
Deeply fluted.
The Weird Pin
You know the one I'm talking about.