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Dr. Meatus (resplendent) DDS[edit]

Dr. Meatus (replendent) DDS, OBBE, DrS, DrSG, DrPhil, SecOps GREEN/MANGO-17b, Mayor of the Netherlands and Baron of the Orange Plains. Pictured above in a moment of contemplative repose.

Been There, Done That[edit]

What to say, titles far too many to mention here and so I've only kept the most significant formal style in my username. When, like me, you've had so many worthy honours bestowed upon you, it can come off as a little pretentious to list them all. I much prefer to keep it real, know what I'm saying? But for the sycophants and would be groupies among us, I have provided a more detailed list below my profile pic on this page.

Scholar, courtier, surgeon, dentist, gentleman, adventurer and rogue. Ready to PARTY IN THE ARCHIVES WOOT WOOT.

Turn Ons[edit]

  • scholarship
  • debate with a worthy adversary
  • organic solvents
  • being right
  • pillaging

(ladies, remember, what happens in the archives stays in the archives, WOOT WOOT, and I am currently certified clean of any and all venereal disease)

Turn Offs[edit]

  • fake academics pretending they are half as smart as me
  • being wrong
  • mornings
  • bad breath
  • people who do not like to PARTY ALL NIGHT WOOT WOOT

Martial Style[edit]

There is only one thing better than dispatching an enemy with a clean blunderbuss shot to the base of the skull - and that is when said blunderbuss has been packed full of little metallic bits and bobs that you have stolen from the victim's own possessions, prior to setting your ambush within his home. Now that's what I call "hoist with your own petard" you sad little cuckold, maybe you'll think twice before publicly threatening me for plagiarism and adultery, eh? Oops, guess you can't think twice, now that your brain is a fine mist on your drawing room curtains, eh? How do you like them apples?