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This article is a sample article intended to illustrate expectations for a second turn article in a Lexicon game.

This article is approximately 292 (a little long) words long and exists in the Sample namespace/game prefix.

As part of the article contents it's important to link to two phantom articles. These may pre-exist this article (they may have been linked to by the author of another first turn article prior this article being completed and submitted) or they may be entirely new. F Phantom links to an article intended for use in the Sample "F" turn (but note that it is in the Sample namespace). This is a new phantom no one's linked to before. Z Phantom links to an article intended for use in the Sample "Z" turn (but is also in the Sample namespace). This phantom was already linked by the author of the Sample A article.

Note that on subsequent turns, the author of this article may not write the F Phantom article because it's an academic sin to cite yourself. It is possible, however, that if a scholar wishes to employ the labor saving device of self-quotation, e may be allowed to link to third or fourth articles that are eir own, but that scholar may wish to factor in the academic blemishes such behavior might cause. Also, the scholar may possibly write the Z Phantom, though doing so might be considered tasteless by other scholars working on the project.

It is okay for additional links to link to other Phantom links other authors already linked to. Like this theoretical prior linked D Phantom.

Finally any article after turn A must link back to an already-written article, like the A Sample article that already exists in this namespace.

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