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11:59 pm Sunday -- Previous Turn Ends

12:00 am Monday -- New Turn Begins

Dib Phantoms by adding signature (~~~~) to empty page

Mon - Fri -- Create Article

Required Elements:
1. Minimum Two Links to Phantom Articles (though you may not create more than two new Phantoms)
2. Minimum One Link to an Existing Article
You must include a list of these links at the bottom of your article
See this post for more details
Preferred Elements:
1. Metadata Template added to Talk Page

11:59 pm Friday -- Preferred Deadline to Submit Article

Submission is official when the following Category is added to Article:
1. [[Category:WCA-Submissions]]
Also helpful to update Article Index with Index Template

12:00 pm Sunday -- Absolute Deadline to Submit Article

If you have not made other arrangements with a GM, your article may be rejected after this time

11:59 pm Sunday -- Deadline for GMs to Accept Articles

Acceptance is official when the following Categories are added to Article by a GM:
1. [[Category:What came after/Turn ?]] (replace ? with current turn letter)
2. [[Category:What came after]]

All times in PDT unless otherwise noted