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Welcome to the guidelines for new players. Here's a list of things you'll need or need to be able to provide upon joining a game.

Things for you to provide:

  • A shareable e-mail address.
    At the very least the GM will need to know this address in case of not being able to contact you any other way. Also the Wiki admins will need this in order to create an account for you on the Wiki.
  • Your desired account name.
    These are unique on the Wiki, so if someone's already got the one you want, choose an alternate.
  • When your account is created, please fill it in with your character's or persona's information and, if you desire, contact info for other players or the general public to use to reach you.

Things for you to remember:

  • Game Prefix.
    You will receive a Game Prefix. This will go in front of any article titles you write. Remember it well so the GM doesn't have to edit every article you write. Also this allows you to participate in more than one simultaneous game of Lexicon if you like.
  • Game schedule.
    Be aware of and be prepared to meet your game's turn schedule and other in-turn deadlines (submission, dibs, etc.).
  • Group list.
    You will likely receive an invitation to some sort of group discussion list or other off-Wiki. Be prepared to check this frequently while you're an active player in the game.
  • Other resources.
    The GM may also provide other off-Wiki visualization tools (e.g. a Timeline) to help you construct the world. Be prepared to keep track of these links/resources so you can refer to them as you play.
  • Pronouns
    There may be alternate pronoun sets in use on this Wiki.