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List of extensions and other changes made to OOB Dreamhost one-click install for this MediaWiki.

  • Baseline Dreamhost One-Click MediaWiki 1.16.x install.
  • Restricted edits to logged-in users.
  • Restricted account creation to administrators/bureaucrats.
  • Enabled file uploading.
  • Installed and enabled ParserFunctions extension.
  • Installed and enabled Cite.php for the Cite Extension.
  • Installed and enabled SpecialCite.php for the Cite Extension.
  • Allowed raw HTML use in articles. See manual entry for $wgRawHtml for further details.
  • Allowed common audio files as uploads.
  • Installed the UserMerge extension to allow bureaucrats the ability to merge user contributions and delete users.

See also Special:Version for a dynamic readout of installed extensions and hooks for this MediaWiki.