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This is the personal page of Apostate Scholar Somer Buchanan, PhE, Vb.FvGl., of the Polished Mirror institute.

I, and by extension the Polished Mirror institute, am grateful for your hospitality in accommodating my visit. I hope to learn a great deal from you all during this shared endeavor, regarding both our overlapping research interests and the research methodologies and structures employed by your collaboration.

Some curiosity about my home institution seems inevitable wherever I travel. I regret that the nature of my relationship with the Polished Mirror precludes me from releasing too much information about our structure or history. I must admit that our reputation (or as I heard recently from an excitable if understandably frustrated historian of academia, "notoriety"!) for redacting and dissembling such details is well-earned. However, I am confident that modern, well-educated scholars such as yourselves will not subscribe to the darker or more fanciful rumours about the institute. Instead, please meditate on our core philosophy: that a perfectly Polished Mirror is by its nature invisible, revealing only a perfect image of the world and all its knowledge.

Please do free to contact me through the usual University channels, which have generously been made available to me during my stay. Please note that, since Fracture, the Polished Mirror institute's continued claim of residency in what was the Greater Third Prefecture is strictly symbolic, for obvious reasons. If you wish to contact the institute I will be delighted to pass your communication along, but regret that I cannot promise a reply.

Somer Buchanan 07:21, 14 August 2012 (PDT)