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Profile (In character)[edit]


Portrait of the Otter as a young cat[1]
One of the legendary splinters of the Wandering Americans (since the devastation of the North American Continent from the tertiary Excession), Otter Jenkins is a mysterious and shadowy figure with a checkered and (e/il)lusive past.


Some scholars suggest that Otter was related in some way to the original founders of the criminal terrorist organization, The Westboro Baptist Church[2]. Others claim to possess papers proving that Otter's Hebrew ancestors were actually Mormons. Still others claim proof that Otter himself is a founder of the Church of the Sub-Subgenius or of the Church of Discordia or of the Universal Life Church[3].

Martial Style[edit]

In contemporary life, Otter is usually sighted in the distance practicing the Supreme Collaborative Otter Pestering Style with 3 or 4 of his most skilled acolytes. Except for the personal trauma of the unfortunate target who is often left too devastated to recount it or is rightfully too terrorized to even try, Otter and his acolytes mystically manage to appear too far off in the distance to effectively record their style. Some scholars of martial history and of Otter's particular biography suggest that the following early archaic documentary footage from the British Empire (then the United Kingtom) of the otter in Subcontinental India implies a lot about Otter's martial art. Further details, unfortunately are not available. Otter is the lineal master of the form and there are no students or victims willing to talk cel-turkey about the details.

Current Project[edit]

No one knows exactly how he got involved in this project, but there are plenty of lurid rumors[4].


  1. No relation.
  2. Otter is universally recognized as having been exiled from the Church, though rumors are mixed regarding whether it was because he was too pacifist, too violent, too sarcastic, too ironic, too humorous, too gassy or just dissenting
  3. None seem to find it problematic that all records of these churches and institutions are lost at sea, intentionally burned and shredded, or were kept in locations since devastated by natural disasters as diverse as tornadoes, floods, fires, earthquakes, tidal waves and extreme flatulence.
  4. "Whose elephant is that?" - Unattributed. Please note: Some scholars alternately translate this as "How many elephants is that?"

Player (Out of character)[edit]

You may reach the player behind Otter at

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