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At this time in a neighboring laboratory of the
[REDACTED] Institute of the СССР group of scientists of
the Laboratory of [REDACTED], led by [REDACTED], in the
throes of "giving birth" of a table of thermodynamic
and gasdynamic parameters of air required for the
missile (for determining the thickness of the protective
refractory coating). The group settled down for the
calculations in the summer of 1953 and promised to
finish by December. Execution time was coming, and
promised to give the tables were still far away.
"Despite the fact that the calculations were made only
two major components of air - nitrogen and oxygen - says
[REDACTED], - the task was extremely time-consuming: the
equations of dissociation of oxygen and nitrogen should
be added to the equation of ionization. Atomic oxide
formation nitrogen, to them - the equation counter
processes, energy conservation, gas-dynamic laws of the
shock wave. The result is a system of 13 equations, which
had to be solved by successive approximations.
First, the work assigned to two technicians, but they at
all desire is clearly not able to be on time - was too
cumbersome calculations. [REDACTED] at the [REDACTED]
Factory of mechanized bill, which took over the task has
a room for the girls keyboards cars. The work went
faster, but more rapidly approaching deadline of its
completion. Existed at the time the only electronic
machine BESM worked for urgent orders, and serious all
at her sign it for a long time ahead.

... And then suddenly it was deliverance.