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Comrade Prodessor Theodor Nette[edit]


Theodor Nette was born in 1939, in a peasant family in Soviet Karelia. In 1941, his parents entered Finland as spies, where they were never neither suspected of being spies nor caught, mostly because they never did any spying in the first place. Young Theodor was raised in a Communist spirit, he was taught to share and to give everyone equal treatment. In 1959, he entered the University of Helsinki as a Philosophy major, graduating cum laude in 1963. He received his PhD in 1969.

Academic Career[edit]

Theodor Nette is currently a Professor Emeritus of Critical Theory at the University of Helsinki, Finland

Major Works[edit]

  • Revolution and Difference (1975)
  • Marxist Poetics (1981)
  • Socialist Realism Today (1985)
  • Class War: For And Against (1987)
  • Is Communism Really Doomed? (1989)