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In the immediate aftermath of the chaotic Reshuffle Kerfuffle, the Ministry of Weights, Measures, and Moral Rectitude established several methods to promote and maintain moral codes within the disintegrating society. The Archetypes were a group of seven official designates meant to lead by example, each of the seven offices symbolizing a different societal theme and its associated ideal behaviors. Ironically, due to the benefits of a life-time appointment with no possibility of revocation and no true responsibilities, the Archetypes became notorious for gluttony and severe debauchery.

The Seven Archetypes[edit]

The seven Archetypes and their ideals were:

The Fighter: Devotion to protecting the State and its interests.

The Lover: Devotion to one’s partner.

The Friend: Loyalty, trust, and generosity for fellow citizens.

The Priest: Obedience to God and country.

The Woman: Grace, love, and motherhood.

The Man: Strength, pride, and fatherhood.

The Matt: Because everyone, everywhere, at any point in time has known at least one guy named Matt. Of the seven offices, the Matts in particular were legendary in their excess and lecherous behavior, giving rise to the bawdy school-yard rhyme: “I think a Matt’s behind that tree, tie your belt with lock and key”.