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The poor lost souls that gathered aboard the doomed ship Asterphail had two things in common: a woeful story, and an unfathomable hatred of robot-kind. What they didn't know was that among their company, sharing their drink and listening to their tales, a robot lurked in disguise . . .

The Other Other: And Other Tales, the hotly anticipated debut work of probable best-selling author Samuel ConeffKlatt, is now available for reading devices across all dimensions. Prepare for this work to explode your inner conscious, expand your capacity of human understanding, and learn the true nature of the Probiotic Movement. A collection of stories that reflects the entire scope of the emotional universe, from hate more foul than the brimwind, to love that's purer than space itself.

Advance praise for The Other Other: And Other Tales[edit]

“Dastardly cunning . . . a cog-ripping yarn of good cheer and oily salvation . . .” best-selling author Samuel ConeffKlat

“. . . deserving of every award in existence, and many that aren't.” best-selling author Samuel ConnfeKlat

“Really wasn't hard to do . . . copied and pasted, mostly . . . no I've never read a fucking book in my life, okay?” best-selling author Samuel ConnfeKlat

“. . . damn well better give it four stars if you know what's good for you, you . . . piece of . . . rip your . . . shove it in your . . . a Pulitzer? Me? I'm as surprised as you are!” best-selling author Samuel ConnefKlat

“. . . no relation to robot or their kin . . . frankly, they disgust me . . . goddamn metalheads . . . If I had a choice *##[ERROR332//domain.not.specified] Have your read my book? Have you read my book? HaHaHaHaHave you read my bookHaveyoureadmybook. . .” best-selling author Samuel ConnefKlat.


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