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Old World refers to qualities, values and experiences associated with Pre-Excession life.

Since the massive physical, emotional, geographic and temporal upheavals of the Excession Era, there has been an increasing amount of nostalgia and reverence for the way life was before everything got so massively jacked up. Many people choose to live "Old World" (often abbreviated to "OW") lives -- acting and operating on a daily basis as if the Excessions never happened. Anachronisms are assiduously ignored, Murder Spider attacks are referred to as "natural disasters", and geographical and cross-dimensional oddities are considered make-believe or rumor. OW life is easier in a group of similar-minded people, so clusters of OW communities have cropped up, mostly in the Southeast and Midwest of the GNACPS. Things commonly considered Old World include:

  • Pre-Excession clocks, calendars and other timekeepers.
  • References to Pre-Excession countries and entities, like The USA.
  • Hand-made, instead of robo-crafted goods and products.
  • Down-home, good-natured racism and xenophobia.