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Old Australia is a continental landmass suspended above the continent of Australia. Its surface and geography mirror that of the continent below, and, overall, it is an amazing replica.


It appeared 100 years ago, hanging in the Australian sky. It refuses to say anything, preferring to glare across at its twin in either mocking reflection or silent accusation. But this is not the truly odd part. Shortly after its manifestation, followers of Bendis sent a missionary envoy from Uluru, bearing greetings in the words of their prophet: "You think yer better'n me?" Upon their arrival, the envoy discovered that the continent held a particular quality. Any persons, objects, or trends brought to the surface of the new landmass were found to age rapidly. Seizing upon this discovery, the Australian Tourism Board branded the continent "Old Australia," and launched a series of campaigns around the slogan, "Old Australia, what's its deal, amirite?" The name has stuck.

As of yet, no survey has located the inscription "Once More With Feeling."


A survey of Old Australia confirmed the absence of any corresponding landmasses outside the continental body itself. This sparked political unrest in the state of Tasmania, although due to the unknown nature of the mechanism supporting the new landmass, no one has been able to figure out just who or what to take action against.