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IN THE BEGINNING, THERE WAS THE WORD. And that word was handed down from on high, to your mother. What is the word? Word up. It was the code word. And that word was the bird. Poppa Mao vowed that none would fool the children of the revolution. The Velvet Revolution, whose founding document was laid down by the Underground, in the restroom facilities of a busy fast food establishment. And for years, totaling a decade, they recruited sucker MCs for the cause and made them into men. And so they marched this way, until coming to the end of the road, the road to nowhere. It was there that East met Go West, Boy met Girl, and they waited for a star to fall — to give them a sign. But as the new day dawned, Captain Beefheart decreed they would not wait another day. And so they battled the Army of Salvation, that band of brothers, and the morning lasted all day, until the war for the North Coast was won. And it was cool, cool as ice, despite the many, many sacrifices made by the men who were foreigners in that land.

And ever thus was the story of the North Coast, as handed down to the prophet JTRobo, in his great perambulation widdershins. And ever was it mote it never ever never enver en en enenenennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn [NO] [CARRIER]