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Nik'lhus was a demonic spirit worshipped in pre-Excession times.

Commonly depicted as a grossly obese, hirsute figure dressed in bloody rags, Nik'lhus was said to haunt children, keeping a constant vigil over their actions and awaiting their slightest moral failing. Only the purest of children were safe from his wrath; others were visited annually by his apparition, carried by a team of enslaved wild animals. To protect their children from this nocturnal terror, families offered sacrifices to Nik'lhus such as live trees and baked goods.

Today in the English Archipelago, New Antarctica, and the Nethernetherlands it is said that isolated pockets of Nik'lhus worshippers carry on this grim tradition.



English Archipelago

Imminence Period

New Phantoms[edit]


New Antarctica