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Known primarily for their coordinated protests of the Festival of Temporal Deviations, the associations of New Free Presbyterianism follow a roughly Baptist doctrine.


Though some associations of New Free Presbyterianism follow the doctrines of the Westboro Baptist Church, including the hateful, bigoted, racist, homophobic and xenophobic doctrines, most New Free Presbyterian associations have embraced a socially progressive and egalitarian doctrine, including allowing pastors of any race, any species, any gender, any sex and any ability to serve as pastor or any official post within the association and churches. Some New Free Presbyterian churches notably employ American crows as pastors and officers of the church.


Like the Religious Society of Friends, most associations and churches within New Free Presbyterianism worship through silence and revelation, though some pastors also lead a short service before silent worship which is reminiscent of Unitarian Universalist services.


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