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Currentevent.png This article documents a current event. Information may change rapidly as the event progresses, regresses, or otherwise moves through the timestream.

Nestlings have been the subject of intense debate since the term was provocatively first used in the title of the widely anticipated Supranormal Activity Investigation Team report Interdimensional Politics, Nestlings and the Polished Mirror Institute. The SAIT was not in the habit of using that word, and representatives of the SAIT, the CTPS and the Polished Mirror Institute have either claimed ignorance of the term, or claim to be not at liberty to explain further. The report has since been postponed indefinitely, following the violent death on January 11th, 207 AK of Inspector-Lieutenant of the SAIT Amily Frankenmuth, the primary author of the report.

It is suggested that Nestlings are some sort of creature, person or entity that offer some sort of direct communication between the inner circles of the Polished Mirror and the non-Euclidean dimensions. Researchers have been looking for years for such a connection, with no significant results.

Rumors abound that Detective-Sergeant Bigby Otiluke has been taken off the investigation of Inspector-Lieutenant Frankenmuth's death, and that he is in fact a suspect in the crime, due to his personal connections to members of the Polished Mirror Institute's administrative caste.