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The Moo-Cow Memorandum, known prior to the Bovine Intervention as the Macao Memorandum, is an international agreement that seeks to regulate the production, transport, and consumption of various bio-substances, including carbs, chiva, darwins, endo, glorp, gludge, gleep, japhetheine, jive, kava, martians, muggle, noise, newtons, ortolans, parmesan-reggiano, Q, QQ, R2D2, roomies, snarkles, snookies, swoopsies, tantalum, unobtanium, wobblies, and xpiala-doses.

Calls for the regulation of bio-narcotics began during the Convention of Newer New New York in AK 119. The trade, however, remained largely intact until the unfortunate events surrounding the South Beloit Massacre and the associated near-extermination of the Gallo Wasp.

The treaty was finalized in AK 163. To date, it remains unsigned by any nation-state.


New Phantoms[edit]

Bovine Intervention

Convention of Newer New New York


Gallo Wasp