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The Consensus[edit]

The Mechanical Zeb is a primative clockwork version of Zebediah Atherton. It is maintained at Zebanite University. It is listed as one of the Core Gewgaws of the Gewgaw Aresenal. Every single first hand account of The Mechanical Zeb agrees on those facts, and only those facts.

Official Zebanite University Statements[edit]

Officially, the Zebanite University claims that The Mechanical Zeb is kept in their museum that is open to the public on the third Sunday of every month with an odd number of days in even numbered years and the fourth Sunday of every month with even number of days in odd numbered years. They deny claims that The Mechanical Zeb moves or speaks, instead stating that in its current state, the clockwork mechanisms have seized up and will only be released upon correctly solving Atherton’s Puzzle.

Disputed claims[edit]

The two most detailed claims both agree on one thing, that Zebanite University has a fake on display.

George Ondislipining, the well known cryptographer, claims that he snuck in and that the real Mechanical Zeb was kept in the basement. It spouted numbers in a similar fashion to a number station and looked directly at him.

Carl Pendrasik Claims to have seen the real Mechanical Zeb in the attic and it was not just reciting the works of shakespeare, but acting out every part. In his account he says it was the most moving rendition of The Scottish Play he'd ever seen.

Others have claimed even more ridiculous things, The Mechanical Zeb was seen flying a plane in Omaha for example.