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To know "meccro-"economics, you need to know "miccro-"economics and "maccro-"economics. Please see below if you wish to see below (if you wish to see below)!

  • miccro-economics
    • define (with mackerel)
Say you had a factory for producing tinned mackerel. The arrive at the end product-- the polished tin of shiny shining mackerel-- you have to take into account what resources were required. Considerations like when to schedule the breaks,
  • maccro-economics
    • define (with mackerel)
Say you were in the business of forecasting the rise and fall of mackerel prices.
  • combine (with mackerel)
Meccro-economics is said to be somewhere in-between the two.
  • include trivia
'Meccro Economics' was the secret code word and operation name used in a police investigation of a defrauding scheme involving ___ and ___ companies in ___.

  • throw in a bunsen burner
Did I write this bit in at three in the morning?