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Mölkerei Blut roughly translates from Baltic-Germano-Hungarian as "Blood Dairy" and is a slang term for the institutions where civilized Murder Spiders and other machine life forms that depend on blood[1] for lubrication and continuance negotiate the tricky moral and ethical morass of farming blood from living[2] humans and humanoids.

The institution of farming humans and humanoids evolved from an uneasy detente which in turn evolved from more violent clashes between the machines and the humanoids (signs of the detente and of cultural assimilation of the more horrific events, images, fiction and non-fiction revolving around the inexplicable machine need for blood[3]).

While MOSHA concerned itself primarily with ensuring a respectful and mutually supportive environment for interactions between machines and humanoids[4], the post-war Unit 13317 specialized in more aggressive regulation including setting up and administering of the Mölkerei Blut, which essentially boards and feeds poor, indentured or criminal humanoids for extended sentences, farming them for blood.[5] This blood is then used for a variety of purposes, institutionally, to keep machine organisms healthy and operational[6].

Selected Cultural References[edit]

  • Computer Overlord Martyr's Association
    Arguably one of the possible sources of Juicing trend among machines, COMA members threw themselves into the whirring blades of patrolling Murder Spiders. This may have instilled a thirst for blood among the Spider culture.
  • Dinglebots!
    The hilarious results from Zingo's experimentation with fountain drinks (Episode 106) belies the sinister source of this episode, an obscure news item regarding an interview of a mysterious person named John X and his adventures with the infamous Jack LaLanne.
  • JX11 – 24 and Manperson
    This popular comic strip, published by the New Tampa Herald and written by Volando Rambangular, makes frequent and regular references and jokes about Juicing culture, including a very famous and funny strip with the dialog, "No, I require human oil." "Human oil?" "You know, the red liquid inside your meatsacs."
  • Murder Spiders
    While most of the Machine world is not open or accessible to human/humanoid culture, the Murder Spiders are widely known to be enforcers of human/humanoid law. They are also known to be coldly ruthless and logical[7] and are widely known to be the greatest machine consumers of humanoid blood, regardless of origins.


  1. Primarily human or humanoid.
  2. Mostly.
  3. Especially odd when from a purely empirical standpoint industrial lubricants do a better job of keeping machinery running than blood does or at least did before the start of the American War of Robotic Independence and subsequent lubricant famines.
  4. For instance, ensuring availability of Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPSes) and other technologies for comfort of machines and encoding a respect for other life forms in the initial automatons used in industrial applications as well as service occupations, unless those other life forms are classified as ENEMY.
  5. Given humanoids' general dependence on their own blood, remarkably few know that most small arteries can be healed by applying direct pressure, not unlike how the Maasai farm cattle for blood and then seal the arterial tap with a smooth stone.
  6. In some cases, the blood is reprocessed into industrial lubricants, in other cases the raw blood is used for machine-only rituals of comfort, courting and intimidation.
  7. According to their logic sets.


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