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The Long Afternoon, one of the most notable and widely-narrated Asynchronous Co-Terminalities only makes sense when understood from the narrative perspective of a being living in the cerulean dimension.

While in Cincinnati, the evolution, experience and reality of the destruction of Cincinatti/Cincinnati in 2050 unfurled in mere moments or years depending on distance from the epicenter[1], the timeline for the transmorphation of Cincinatti/Cincinnati was constant and consistent from within the cerulean dimension.

In fact, scholars and historians among the Crimp/Mono Syndicate[2] pinpoint the evolution of the Long Afternoon to a single work, and have gone so far as to map orgasms among the participants to the work to specific milestones within the Long Afternoon itself.


  1. To clear up a long-standing miscommunication or misunderstanding, the relationship between distance from the epicenter and experiential time of the Long Afternoon is not a predictable one, e.g. linear or logarithmic, but has also to do with the quality of light experienced at any particular distance from the epicenter. For more blue lights, time seemed to move even more quickly than suggested by nearness to the epicenter and subjective experience of the Long Afternoon was very short, so those working within fluorescent lighting had a short go of it. For those working in forges and other industrial locations with exposure to red wavelengths the Long Afternoon unfolded very slowly indeed.
  2. Work also reproduced and confirmed among the Bhong Literates and other illumnati of our age.


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