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The Lesotho Guild is a self-proclaimed vigilante group who is dedicated to the downfall of the Alies by way of cyber attacks, viruses and the occasional random rocket attack.

Named in honor of the first country where Alies were defeated and expunged, the Guild has an elaborate communications code which relies on a unique human-cyber cipher. Despite intense efforts by Alies (see: Sesame Street Massacre), purely cyber lifeforms are unable to crack this code with any consistency.

The Guild is rumored to have a network of supporters who offer members everything from old computers to clean socks, the latter being a necessity given the Alies' favored interrogation methods. It is thought that the majority of suspected Guild members are sent before the Kourt and therefore, never seen again by their families.

The Guild has issued a number of statements, claiming responsibility for various attacks on Alies, although it is hard to verify these claims, due the the Alies' control of most media outlets.

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