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The Krazh Spectrum[edit]

The Krazh Spectrum, as first identified by Dr. M. Krazh, MD, PHD, DDS, is the standard spectrum of reality that the average human being is capable of comprehending. Krazh delineated the spectrum by discovering the two most extreme limits of human understanding: on one end, the kiwi bird; on the other, People Who Eat Breakfast Food for Dinner. According to Krazhian analysis, any subject falling between those two points is labeled as “conceivable”; conversely, any subject that deviates outside of those limits is labeled as “what is this i dont even-”.

An illustration of the Krazh Spectrum

The Disorder[edit]

The disorder relating to the Krazh Spectrum was described shortly after Krazh's first publication on the topic. Individuals with this affliction suffer from the inverse of the standard Krazh spectrum range. Whereas the standard human can only perceive what is within the spectrum, those with this disorder are only able to comprehend that which is outside of the spectrum's range. Those suffering with Krazh Spectrum Disorder are completely disassociated with the events of our reality. Though we can see them and interact with them, their thoughts and actions are based entirely in a reality that is not our own. Institutionalization is usually a requirement for those with the disorder.

Atherton's Puzzle[edit]

There is some speculation that the genius behind the creation of Atherton's Puzzle developed Krazh Spectrum Disorder late in life and that consequently several of the most crucial solutions to the puzzle lie well outside of the Krazh Spectrum. This has led many to attempt to contract the condition on their own through tinctures of unreal gold, but so far these efforts have proven futile, though the tinctures taste surprisingly fruity with a subtle terroir.


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