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Kramptangling, an honored and storied profession in the Cerulean Dimension, suffers from an image problem on our side of the Rift. While most Ghost Partners are sexually, sensually and emotionally liberated[1], the term Kramptangler suffers from something of an image problem on our side of the Rift.

Unfortunately, the closest synonym from Academic English, the universal language of our people, is "fluffer".

Further, it cannot be said that the resemblance between the terms is superficial. A Kramptangler, honored and skilled though e may be, is still responsible to keeping the participants of any of the great Works of art/sexuality/science/magic created in the Cerulean Dimension aroused and engaged with the lovemaking required for these epic pieces of participatory art. Indeed it is said that Works created by Ghost Partners, Eustace Jenkins and Mycinea Coba, to name a few, employed not one but many Kramptanglers to keep the creators of the Works engaged and working for the days, hours, sometimes (subjective) years required to create that work.[2][3]


  1. Some might say not only liberated but very well developed, especially compared to most folks on our side.
  2. While this author thinks it a shame that Kramptanglers are by nature and required by their avocation to remain modest and uncredited because they are so integral to the creation of a Work, e also respects the professional ethic encapsulated in that point of pride.
  3. It's always been a point of interest that while the Cerulean Dimension often works asynchronously from our own timewise, there has never been a Work worthy of the name that wasn't created in a contiguous chunk of time. Kramptanglers have never perfected re-engagement disciplines to the point where an interrupted Work was indistinguishable from an uninterrupted one, even though the great academies of Fetoun and of the Dimensions have worked on techniques meant to make it possible for (subjective) millenia.


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