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Little is known of the Kraker Metgezel, the few humans who dwell among the sentient soups in the ruins of Paris, because the soups are not particularly articulate, and defend their territory quite jealously through the only weapons at their disposal: scalding and mob-drownings. Observations during overflights (mainly in balloons) show that the Kraker Metgezel have managed to maintain a very minimal baseline infrastructure. They are sometimes seen carrying soups about in bowls, kettles, and tureens. No definitive count exists of their numbers, though different studies have produced estimates of 372, 28.239, and 11.

The Kraker-Metgezel movement originated in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Kraker Metgezel migrated to Paris along with most of Post-Excession Europe's surviving soups in the wake of the Senary Excession. The early movement, unfortunately for scholars, left no writings in their native lands—only assorted crumbs.

In the absence of data, some scholars have hypothesized that the Kraker Metgezel suffer from an ETD, tentatively labeled KMS. Rev. Dr. Samuel Newton Farrington has labeled them as a religious movement (also with little evidence in support).

A small faction maintains that the Kraker Metgezel are admirable visionaries who see benefit to both human- and soup-kind by bridging the gap between our peoples. The key weakness of this explanation is that none of its proponents have been motivated to visit Paris to contribute to the cause themselves, nor have the Kraker Metgezel emerged from Paris to communicate any of their insights.

Rumors of sentient-soup consumption (voluntary or involuntary on the part of either or both of the participants) will not be given credence through repetition here.