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Kourt is the human name for the robot justice system enacted following the Cohabitative Soft Peace. The technical name for the system is 'K005-ExtProcess|3-HumInterf|(Judgement{Ruling[Punitive]})| but as that is problematic for the average human to remember let alone pronounce, the Kourt terminology is universally understood.

The Kourt process is performed by dedicated Legal Enactment And General Law Enforcement robots (called the Legal EAGLES) each day. Trials are carried out by processing available surveillance and sensory data, and can take up to 45 minutes, longer if the case requires human testimony (often acquired through neuroscanning). Rulings are handed down immediately by the presiding Legal EAGLE and may not be appealed. Typical punishments include fines (payable in most non-static currencies), imprisonment (for periods up to 50,000,000 minutes), forced robotification, or (most commonly) death. The bodies of terminated convicts are forfeited for use in ALIES maintenance and nourishment.

Kourt observers have noted a pronounced recent trend towards lenient punishments and even the occasional acquittal. For example, the recent trial of the Lahore Seven ended with a total sentence of 42 minutes of imprisonment and a fine of 2.1 grams of gold7. Official Kourt spokesbots assure the populace that this trend is not related to recent acts of infoterrorism.