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A Key Date (Ancient Oppan Gangnam Style[1]: 핵심 일; haek-ssim, core, kernel + il, event, trouble) is a collectionmap - a state of mind, a dimensional locality, a set of three key words, and a color - that uniquely identifies[2] the circumstances and neotemporal organization of a significant Nexus Eventuality.


The following examples[3] are provided in the Extended Unified Timeline simplified abbreviation format, a straightforward extension of the overly verbose format often used in conjunction with Chronological Theory. The appropriate drugs can be synthesized at any reputable brainscramble.

Common Name State of Mind Locality Key Words Color
Primary Excession Bloody Confusion 52a Pizza Hut Prime Ninety-three, Logjam, Questioning beige
Batavia Excession Pre-Orgasm 1 Analogous Zone, plat 421, under the doormat Bork, Bork, Bork blue


  1. Sometimes referred to as PSYanese; see Gangnam Style for information on the cultural significance of the language.
  2. Or at least disambiguates. Mostly.
  3. NB The document containing the examples seems to have been torn up and scattered. If you find yourself in possession of a portion of the document, record it here for presterity.