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The Kelthine Peninsula

The Kelthine Peninsula is an administrative region of the Greater North American Co-Prosperity Sphere. It is comprised of the sovereign states of Japon, Fetoun, the Disney Empire, and Wisconsin, as well as the largely uninhabitable and thoroughly disreputable area known as The Badlands.


The origin of the name "Kelthine" is widely debated. One theory, largely championed by Loophaus, maintains that when early explorers asked the indigenous people what the area was called, the response they received, "Kel th'inee," was a Fetounese word meaning "Get the fuck away from me or I'll cut your balls off, you ridiculous person." Other more lucid scholars claim that the source of the name is the Japonese word "colthonoo," meaning "unpleasant swamp."





The Greater North American Co-Prosperity Sphere

New Phantoms[edit]

The Disney Empire

The Badlands