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Eustace Jenkins was a researcher, performance artist, and one of the developers of the Degeneration Theory.

Birth and Early Life[edit]

She was born (to the limit of the data available—see Zero-Confidence Dating for more information on the temporal-estimation techniques involved) around 1st Zephyr, 1 AK. Her mother was found to be suffering from what would later be termed Krazh Spectrum Disorder, and was unable to provide reliable information about the circumstances of Eustace's birth.

Her youth was largely uneventful, save for an aversion to pizza; she has little known medical history, and her interactions with authority figures were almost—but not quite—so bland as to merit note.

Scholarly Career[edit]

Early in 16 AK, Eustace entered the Polished Mirror Institute with glowing recommendations from a number of people, all of which used the word "blue" multiple times. The first few years in the Institute were unremarkable, but in late 17 AK she began an intensive course of "research" with Mycinea Coba, involving Jenkens meeting the Ghost Partners for the first time, the incitement of at least two riots related to public decency, and eventually culminating in their publication of the initial form of the Degeneration Theory. The popularity of the theory skyrocketed briefly, but then began to plummet as more eyes were brought to bear on it, and their working relationship and friendship both suffered heavily as the theory was systematically torn to shreds by detractors and jealous ex-lovers.

She left the Polished Mirror Institute in 23 AK, wearing her newly acquired bronze leaf but making no particular stir.

Artistic Career[edit]

Shortly after leaving the Polished Mirror Institute, Jenkins began focusing all of her attention on her art - street theater, the production of pornography, miniature sculpture, and [NB: possibly mistranslated] mellow yodeling. Some years later - in roughly 33 AK - she suddenly published what is widely considered to be her magnum opus, Echs Ess Yun, with a dedication to "the magnificent Dr. Coba - may your tongue get stuck in one of them". The Degeneration Theory enjoyed a brief resurgence in popularity for some time after the publication.

Jenkins ceased public performances in 35 AK.


  • A persistent rumor amongst the pornographic elite insists that some people, even to this day, might meet Jenkins in a bar, exchange a few minutes of witty banter and contact information, and go on to produce brilliant works of poetry and scandal (see again Zero-Confidence Dating).
  • Jenkins never explained the meaning of the dedication in Echs Ess Yun, and a number of (generally unprintably obscene) theories have sprung up about it in recent times.