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Japon is a nation located at the tip of the Kelthine Peninsula. Due to its position, the only neighboring country is Fetoun, a frequent enemy and current uneasy ally. Japon possesses no special geological, historical, or political significance, and has very little in the way of natural resources. In the Pre-Excession Era, Japon was little regarded, and indeed, largely unknown. The capital city is The Leghan.

Post Excession Japon[edit]

In the upheaval of the Excession period, Japon continued to be an area of little import. However, as the Excessions continued and their disturbing effects spread across the world (indeed, worlds), Japon remained untouched. Previously a backward and rural nation, of no particular interest to any world power, Japon was not prepared for the interest its strange stability provoked. A period of aggression followed, during which Japon resisted invasion several times, and repelled at least seven coup attempts.

Modern Japon[edit]

Given its unusually stable nature, Japon is currently a major location of research into many of the phenomena associated with the Excessions. Although the effects cannot be reproduced in Japon, it provides a location to study objects which would be dangerous elsewhere. ACTs have never been observed to exist in Japon, and Dark Antimatter and anachronistic objects lose their strange properties when they enter the country. The reasons behind Japon’s resistance to the effects of the Excessions has yet to be determined. Studies are ongoing at the Leghan University.

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