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The Janus Economic Consortium is rumored to have had its roots in the Pre-Excession company, Janus International. Many conspiracy experts have been intrigued by the symbolism of Janus, the Roman god, and whether Janus' mythological meanings apply to the JEC's beginnings, middle and end.

Once based in the floodplains of what is now known as the Catalonian Archipelago[1], the Janus Economic Consortium was one of the last great Financial Holding Houses or Custody Financial Services Houses left of the old guard just prior the Third Excession. Due to the ripple effects of the anomalies created by the First Activation of the Asynchronous Chronosynchronometer, Janus didn't actually collapse completely until just after the apparent resolution of the Quinary Excession when Janus fell in on itself completely and became a Financial Singularity.

The only satisfying thing about the total failure and collapse of JEC was that by the time of its Financial Singularity, Janus was about the only entity still using static currency (other holding companies had long since converted or started converting their services to the more Anachronistic-resistant or -exploitative financial instruments, such as those based on the Amn or on Exotic Metals), so no one lost money on its collapse except JEC itself.


  1. See the Wikipode InfoArchology for more context.


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