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This article refers to the individual credited with the design of the Holovision Impairment Virus. For the politician, see J0k3r31!t3. For the head of the Cybernetic Space Administration, see J0k3r3l1+3.

J0k3r3l1t3 is the identity associated with the creation of the Holovision Impairment Virus, which is believed to be the first cyborganic virus.

J0k3r3l1t3 was the first to combine traditional computer hacking and the biological gene hacking (invented by g3n3haXXman) to devise a virus which could affect both organic and cybernetic beings. This innovation led to dramatic developments in, and then soon after, the banning of, cybiological warfare. The CDC in @lanta is the one internationally sanctioned body allowed to maintain a strain of the H.I.V. in secure containment, in case of a virological terrorist attack. The virus itself was finally controlled by a combination of the Pirate Bay's Chanteyvirus and the Frankenmuth Institute's gland sanitizer.

It is unknown if J0k3r3l1t3 was human, AI, cyborg, or other.