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The Itinerants are a globally distributed musical group consisting of some 14,000 members.

Unique among bands for their membership criteria, in which any human, cetacean, or crow [1] may join by simply declaring themselves a member (regardless of location, musical ability, or state of mental incapacitation), the Itinerants are known for their peripatetic lifestyle, with members regularly travelling from place to place, sleeping on one anothers' couches, eating one anothers' food, stealing one anothers' significant others, and sneering at bands consisting of non-members then attempting to recruit them.

Band members frequently claim that the Seventh Excession will take the form of translocating all members of the band to a single location, where the Final Jam will mark the end of this universe and the beginning of the next.

  1. Despite the fact that there has been no recorded incident of a cetacean or crow availing themselves of this privilege.




American Crow


Final Jam

Seventh Excession