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Information Broker Warehouse

In response to the Cohabitative Soft Peace, a media and cultural black market emerged. The force behind this market is a group of information brokers who have collected all manner of forbidden media, banned artwork and any scraps of cultural effluvia they might encounter.

Simultaneously respected, feared, admired and reviled, these independent operatives do not follow academic protocols nor the scientific method. At worst, they are seen as obsessive hoarders with no respect for the sanctity of history. A more generous view is that they are passionate collectors who do not discriminate between low and high brow culture.

Regardless of how one feels about their methods and standards (or lack thereof), it is indisputably a dangerous profession. Alies actively seek out Information Brokers and their famed warehouses. If caught, Brokers are immediately put before the Kourt and suffer the sentences handed down.

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