One:Inferior Spatial Dimensions

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In the Pre-Excession Era, it was theorized that the universe was composed of more than our standard 3+1 spacetime. However, the energies required to measure the existence of these dimensions, given their miniscule scale, would require on the scale of the annual energy output of the entire galaxy. This was found to inhibit terrestrial experimentation.

With the emergence of the Cerulean Dimension, empirical evidence of the existence of these dimensions was achieved. Still, the ability to access the remaining dimensions at terrestrial energy levels was limited, until the advent of the Baudolino Process. The Baudolino Process is theorized to exploit the inferior temporal dimensions so that millions of years worth of energy can be available on more reasonable timescales. However, the results are notoriously unpredictable. In addition, experimentation in extra temporal dimensions is strictly controlled by global treaty, due to the potential effect of multiple galaxies’ energy output over millions of years being focused to a small temporal area of the planet on Earth’s continuing existence.

Current excessionologist theories postulate that our universe may be at an inflection point, where the inferior dimensions and superior (our) dimensions switch places. This process may be responsible for the current state of our reality.