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Holographic dancing is the stylized movement of one’s body in sync with, in concert/harmony with, or in (intentional) contrast with a holographic display. Although “dancing” implies a rich sonic/melodic background, and although many routines/performances do involve music, holographic dancing refers more specifically to the physical conversation of contextualized movement.

This performance is considered one of the early (linear) precursors to holographic dancing.

There is continued controversy over the claim that Busby Berkeley’s pieces should be considered authentically influential in the development of holographic dancing, since it was not known at the time that 50-75% of the performers involved were holographic (see also: Causality Reversal).

Are you my mommy?

Development of high-performance “quid pro quo” technology has permitted the spread of holographic dancing to less wealthy sectors. In fact, lo-definition holographic dancing has proven popular at state and local fairs, due to the dwindling supply of limbic partners.


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