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The Historical Ignorance Platform (colloquially referred to as HIPsterism and the followers as HIPsters) was a psuedo political group largely thought to be responsible for the disasterous negotiations in the midst of the Cohabitative Soft Peace, during which it was agreed that the vast majority of humanity's cultural heritage was to be erased.

Key party members included:

Immediately following the CSP, it was thought that the HIP had done a great service to humanity by preventing genocide. However, following the Icon Purge and the revelation of the HIP platform (that most culture was not worthy of being saved), public opinion turned against the HIPsters and angry mobs took to the streets. Their proposensity for wearing sunglasses at all times made HIPsters easy to spot and sadly, their extremely narrow legged denim pants made it nearly impossible for them to evade capture. HIPsters who survived capture were dispatched to the Analagous Zone and placed in the vincinity of Murder Spiders. When last seen, Patrick B. Rogers was trying to engage with a Murder Spider saying "Hey man, let's split a jug and bust a moby."




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