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High holidays are those observed in multiple alternities and nationalities. The fervor with which these holidays are observed not only interferes with normal business as usual but also calls all observing citizens away from activities thought to be quite important, even tasking observing citizens to observe holiday rites over and above study of such phenomena as Adumbrations of Byxs, study of sudden or temporary phenomena, transient Abuti.

Among the many alternities, some of the most popular High Holidays are (arranged according to occurrence in the Gregorian Calendar Year):

It's important to note that while doing work on a high holiday is strictly prohibited, punishments for doing work on these days are strictly defined on a regional or dimensional basis. Though no territory that we know of uses capital punishment as a deterrent, it can also be said that some territories mete out extremely light punishment for violations of the non-work ethic expected of all observing citizens of any high holiday.


  1. See Also: Qingming Festival.
  2. Celebrated, oddly, in the Cerulian Dimension, for at least 4,000 years - as we all know, there are difficulties in dating occurrences in that dimension in comparison with our own (pl.) - for no known reason it is named after our own earth-bound Alaskan Musk Oxen.


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