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Bey Hassa II
Bey Hassa II was the fifteenth ruler of the city of Fetoun, and is the one credited with securing the city's position as an interdimensional and extratemporal trading hub. His engineers were able to harness the power of the region's natural tectonic activity to energize the massive deposits of exotic metal that Fetoun sits atop. This energy has created the massive number of stable (and unstable) ACTs that connect with Fetoun.

While Bey Hassa II was able to broker a peace with Japon following the defeat of his predecessor's armies by Jeff of the Hundred Battles, Bey Hassa II is considered one of the more belligerent Beys in recent history. His annexation of Transfetoun remains controversial to this day, and an increasing number of Transfetounian rebels threaten to destroy the city through sabotage of the city's tectonic converters.

Preceded By Beys of Fetoun Succeeded By
Bey Yasiin IV Bey Hassa II Bey Hassa III